Holdout Test for Email Sending Frequency Testing

  • 29 August 2023
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Has anyone designed and set up a holdout test in Klaviyo to help determine their optimal email sending frequency? Just looking for tips and best practices for setting up such a test in Klaviyo, since the platform doesn’t offer an out-of-the-box solution for this, and I believe it requires several layers of multiple steps to pull it off.

I’ve read a few general online articles about setting up holdout tests, but nothing that has gotten into deeper specifics for this particular use case. Thought I’d ask in here. :-)


2 replies

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Hey @Brianna 

Thanks for your question! I have reached out to a few of our Cusotmer Success Managers here at Klaviyo to get their advice. As soon as I have the info for you, I’ll let you know!

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Hi, @stephen.trumble , I appreciate your response and offer to solicit advice from CSMs. Just wondering if there’s been any updates on this? Thanks.