How can I make a flow when someone checks as well as add to cart?

  • 19 January 2023
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Hi everyone!

Im new to klaviyo and I’m unsure how to approach this specific use case. 

Im selling a product with a screen and i offer to edit a video for my customers.

However im a bit stuck on how i can make a flow when my customers chose the (yes) verison. 

I'm thinking of sendig out an e-email where my customers can upload their videos so i can edit them for my customers but i need to make a specific e-mail for when the customer chsoe the option (yes).

Would love to hear your thoughts & help!


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Hi there @Mert


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help!


Cool that you’re giving this option to your customers! 


In order to record this customer action, hitting the ‘yes’ button, you will have to create a custom metric.. Once you create the custom metric, you can then use the metric however you want in a flow or your account in general, ie as a conditional split or  Flow filter.


If already have a post purchase flow, you can add this metric in as a conditional split and create it with the conditions: What someone has done > wants a video edited (the custom metric name you chose) > in the last day. If they have, they will travel done the ‘YES’ path and receive an email you’ve created with instructions on what email handle to send their video to be edited. If they don’t meet the condition, they’d travel down the ‘NO’ path and receive a normal ‘Thanks for buying!’ email. 


If you don’t feel comfortable custom coding to create this metric, I’d reach out to one of our partners, or better yet a Community Champion who are partners,  to set this up for you and get you started! 


Finally, as you mentioned that you are new to Klaviyo, I’d suggest checking out these Academy courses and specific section of the Community to keep learning! You’ll be a pro in no time! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!