How can I pull the product images in a list-triggered flow?

  • 19 May 2023
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Hey there!

For reference, I’m working with Shopify Plus in this instance.
So I’m working on a very specific case that is similar to a ‘Back in Stock’ flow, though not tied to a product coming back in stock.
We have customers sign up to learn when they can preorder an item, based on its availability by Variant (ie, XS may be available for preorder but not M). Right now we are downloading that list of signups and uploading the properties needed for the email to trigger with relevant info for that product to the customer’s profile.
It’s messy, and less than ideal, but better than the arduous process of creating a segment of the people who have signed up for one of several thousand variant IDs that change regularly.
My question here specifically, though, is if there is a way to bring the image of the product into the email even though the flow is triggered by ‘added to list’, not an action the customer took related to a product. I would just use the default image URL for each product and try to build that out, but it includes the filename of each image and over the years our naming conventions have changed. Is there any way to tie the product ID, variant ID, product title, etc to the product image and get that to populate with that info?



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Hi there @eMeg


Thanks for sharing your question with us, happy to help!


Yes, you’re right since the flow is ‘list-triggered’, there is no dynamic data natively passed through the metric that we can easily pull in product information. However, there are two ways to approach this problem to pull in the product ID, variant ID, product title, and image.


You can:

  1. Create a custom coded event that will pass every metric you want to pull when they sign up for the ‘preorder’. This would be beneficial as you can then create a ‘metric-triggered’ flow that can be triggered multiple times, as profiles can only pass through list-triggered flows once, and a metric- triggered flow would allow you to pass the product image in the metadata as well. 
  2. If creating a custom event and changing the flow isn’t an option, then you could accomplish this action in a list-triggered flow by using the catalog lookup function based on the user’s profile property you add.


It should be noted that since things in your backend like variant ID and filenames for images are changing, the custom metric might be the most efficient option! 


Thanks for partipcating in the Community!