How Can I Schedule my Campaign, but ensure newly added profiles also receive the campaign?

  • 23 November 2021
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Hi there,

I have a Black Friday SMS and email campaign that are scheduled to send out at a certain time.

At the time of creating these campaigns, you must choose the list/segment the campaign will be sending to.

However, of course because it is created ahead of time and scheduled, it is likely that more people will subscribe in between the time I had created to the time it is supposed to be sent.

Why does Klaviyo not automatically update that list with the new subscribers within the campaign so it will send to everyone on the list by release time? 

I feel like there has to be some solution to this… I even tried to cancel the scheduled send (did not delete campaign) and had the idea to just re-edit the send to segment by adding the same segment list again the moment I need the campaign to send (since it will have all the recent new contacts added) but you can’t even edit that.. There is no way to edit it even once it cancelled which was odd to me so I feel like I am missing something here. I also know my above idea/solution is not sustainable in running a business - to not be able to actually create and schedule campaigns ahead of time if I want it to send to truly ALL subscribers of the segment chosen by the time of campaign release.


Please help! Thank you! :)


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5 replies

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Hi @Sabrinasabb


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community! 


Yes, you are correct, when you determine your recipients immediately after creating your campaign, people who are added or removed from a target list/segment between the scheduling and send times will not be added or removed from the group of people that the campaign sends to. This is because the recipients are who would receive the campaign are ‘locked in’ in a sense when you choose the recipient list ahead of time. This saves time and is the most efficient way to send a campaign quickly.


However, if you don’t wish to exclude new members into your list/segments and wish to wait, you can definitely determine recipients at send time of your campaign instead. This option is useful if you're scheduling a campaign in advance but know that your target list or segment will grow (or shrink) between now and the scheduled send time. You can plan ahead and still schedule campaigns for later without worrying about your audience becoming outdated by the time the send time rolls around.



It should be noted that if you are sending to a large group of customers, this may cause a slight delay in when your email goes out. Additionally, this setting cannot be changed once the email has been scheduled and is not available for SMS campaigns! 


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 


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Is this feature no longer available with SMS campaigns? I just tried it and don’t see the option.



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Hi there @VinnieT


Yes, the reason why you aren’t seeing this feature is because unfortunately, this isn’t a feature that’s available to SMS.



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@Taylor Tarpley Oops, missed that in the original answer - my apologies.


Is there a technical reason for that or is it a feature that will may be available in the future?

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Hi @VinnieT


While I’m not able to give an exact date for release, I can confirm this is on our roadmap for a feature!