How can i see number of sent e-mails?

  • 21 August 2023
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Hello everyone! 

I would like to know if we have some way to see the quantity of all e-mails sent in one day, 

This question appears because in this Monday i saw that a lot of users didn't received our e-mails.

I search on here and no one has talked about it. I think that this is a simple question, so… How can i see all the e-mails sent in a day? Or live view of this?


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Hi @gustavo.serao,

Welcome to the Klaviyo community!

The easiest way to see this for a specific date range would be to create a custom report.

Analytics → Custom Reports → Create Custom Report → Create from Scratch → Report type: Single Metric Deep Dive → Metric: Received Email.



You can adjust your timeframe here and get the answer you are looking for by clicking the Save & Run Report button. You can also schedule this report to come to you via email on a weekly/monthly basis with the “Schedule Report” button. Your report is also saved once built so you can see it directly in the “Custom Reports” section. 


Hope that helps! 

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The suggestion from @DavidV is great, I just wanted to add that there is one more option to see sent emails..

Analytics → Dashboards → Overview dashboard

Then set the time period you want to look for and it will tell you exactly how many emails you send from campaigns and how many from flows and also it will show you separately how many from each flow and how many from each campaign