How can I test the product review flow email send properly?

  • 28 October 2021
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When the order on Shopify changes to Fulfilled Order, How can i test if the product review email send to the buyer after 14 days? I read some topic from Klaviyo post but I cannot find the appropriate one for my case.

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Hello @PAA,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

When an order is marked as “fulfilled” within your Shopify backend, a Fulfilled Order would be track and triggered for the profile whose order has been fulfilled. To preview if and when contacts will receive a certain email, I would suggest first using the Preview Trigger Setup function to see if a contact qualifies for the flow. After that you can either simply review the first email in the flow’s analytics or by looking at a specific contact’s email history to see when the contact is scheduled to receive a certain email. 

You can see when a flow email is scheduled to be sent to a recipient within the flow itself by reviewing the email’s analytics through clicking into the View All Analytics function and viewing the contacts in Waiting under the Recipient Activity tab. This will highlight a list of contacts who are currently in “waiting” for this particular email; meaning that they are scheduled for this email step but is currently on the time-delay step of the flow proceeding this email. 

Alternatively, if you wish to see this information within a specific contact’s profile, you can do so by selecting the Messages option near the top right of the profile and under the Scheduled tab. Here you will find a list of emails the contact is scheduled for inclusive of both campaign and flow emails with the schedule date and time of when a contact will be sent the email. 

To understand these points further, I would suggest reviewing the following Help Center articles:

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Thanks so much David!