how can we see what customers bought from campaign emails

  • 1 April 2022
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Hi Experts,


Wanted to know if there is way to run a  custom report for email campaigns to know which product did the customer ordered through the email campaign.


I know it can be seen by checking indiviual campaign.

But wanted to know is it possible to run for a month/week.


Thank you for your Help :)


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Hi there @Mel,

Thanks for posting your question to the Community.

I would recommend checking out our Campaign Performance Report article where you can create reports for your campaigns based on certain properties and even set time frames.



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Hi @alex.hong 


Thank you for taking your time to reply to my question.


I have tried the Campaign Performance Report.

I even get the number of products ordered in each campaign.

The only thing it does nt mention is which products where ordered.

Thank you for your help & suggestion



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Hi @Mel,

The campaign performance report will only tell you the number of customers rather than the individual profiles that have purchased a specific product. Klaviyo can’t get that granular just yet on a mass-scale. But you can do individual campaign > product for this information. 

You could also look into product performance report for more granularity on specific products as documented here, but that won’t be catered to a specific campaign and instead just the product in general across all mediums.


Thank you!