How do I correctly set up my product review flow

  • 18 November 2020
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I have set up a product review flow & made it active but I don’t think it’s set up correctly. I would like customers that have purchased only once to get one email & then customers that have purchased multiple times to get a different email. Can you help me correct this?


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12 replies

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What’s the flow filter you have set up?  Why do you think it’s set up wrong? Is it because of the Skipped subscribers? 

Once thing to note, turn OFF smart sending for these emails.  I see it’s currently turned on, so they may not get the email if they received another email within a 16hr timeframe (if you’ve left it at the default).

If that doesn’t do the trick, you can see why they are being skipped by clicking on the email then on the left-side click “Skipped”.  It’ll take you to this screen to show you why those subscribers were skipped in the flow:


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Thank you for your reply & help. It is the Product Review/Cross sell flow. I don’t think it’s set up correctly as they are all being skipped.

I have turned off smart sending now & tweaked things slightly. I’m wondering if the conditional split is set correctly now. It is now set to Fulfilled an order greater than 1 over all time. The people that have ordered multiple times will go into the yes flow & the customers that have only bought once will go to the no flow. Does that look correct now?


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Looks good! You're using shopify for your ecommerce platform, correct?

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yes, thats correct

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Hello good day Klaviyo community just a newbie guy here. 
@home dweller I saw your Product Review Flow interesting I wonder how you set up your email template that goes to “Fulfilled Order greater than one” does that list multiple product to review in just one template?

Im currently unsure if the dynamic content that Klaviyo provided can handle multiple product see this screenshot

So can you share how you set up the email template for single product item. and multiple product item.



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Hi @ChrisPB

Thanks for posting to the Community and sharing your template goals. I can’t speak to how @home dweller does this, but an option to get multiple products into a Product Review flow would be through a Dynamic Table Block. You can set up multiple Event Variable arrays (examples and walk through in this article) and it will pull in those images and product titles into your email. There are additional steps on how to trigger a metric-based flow, like Product Review via the Placed Order metric in this section of the article

Not sure if @Manny Singh you have any additional thoughts/comments to add based on your experiences? 


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Hi @ChrisPB, it looks like @home dweller’s flow is more separating between new customers and repeat purchasers instead of more than 1 product in the order vs 1 item. 


The default setup within Klaviyo’s product review flow will automatically add all the items in the order.  Below is a picture from one of the brands I manage as a test:


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Hey guys @cassy.lee @Manny Singh  thanks for all these infos . I have also confirmed these to klaviyo support.

This time Im having trouble now working on the dynamic link provided from the Product Review Flow. the format that I currently using is 

{{ organization.url }}products/{{ item.product.handle }}#judgeme

#judgeme is basically the anchorlink from the app that we used to handle product reviews on our shopify site.

However that link above is messing up the URL format the {{ item.product.handle }} is not working and and falling on different ways.


it has this bunch of text along the link, and Im not sure why. do you guys have any idea why is this performing like this?

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Hi there, new member here.

I use WooCommerce for my shopping cart and I’m currently setting up my product review flow but was wondering if anyone could show or let me know how to adjust the product image to be on top of the item name, review button underneath the item name and centralized in the same order as below.

<Product purchased>

<Item name>

<Review this item>

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Hello @Yasmin K,

Welcome to Klaviyo and the Community!

To create a dynamic block in this particular layout of having an image above the product name and the “Review this item” messaging, you’ll need to recreate this dynamic block by using the Static function instead of the Dynamic function. Along with setting this block to Static to enable the dynamic aspect of the block, you would also need to enable and use the block repeat function. 

After setting the block to be Static as opposed to Dynamic, this would enable you to build your dynamic block in your desired layout. Once the layout is built out you can begin inputting the required dynamic syntaxes as well as enabling the block repeat function. You can learn more about how to build dynamic blocks, reference the dynamic syntaxes required, and turning on and using the block repeat function from the below articles:

Hope this helps!


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I want to create a Product review flow for one of my client where we want to offer discount code once they leave a review.


Condition: We want to share the Discount Code on the 2nd email only to those who leave a product review.


How can I do it, is there way i can create a specific segmentation for these customers who have left a product review?


Store is on Shopify



I need your help, I’m having issues with the dynamic link provided from the product review flow, does not work.

My CMS is WooCommerce

I don’t have received any review. Could you help me to solve this issue

Link address: {{ item|lookup:'$extra'|lookup:'URL' }}

Thank you in advance