How do I create a conditional split based on past purchase?

  • 13 September 2022
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I’m working on a new “Subscription Upsell Flow” that is based on the “Fulfilled Order” event with the Shopify integration. 

How do I add a conditional split that is based on the actual “Fulfilled Order” event? I’m trying to send different email content based on if their purchase contained a specific item or not.

For example: If one of the items they purchased was our Sun Goddess Matcha -- send them “Subscription Upsell” email X, if one of the items was our Sun Goddess Matcha Tin send them “Subscription Upsell” email Y, If one of the items was our Beauty Electrolyte send them “Subscription Upsell” email Z, etc. 

Any and all help is appreciated.


This is what I have so far . . . 



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3 replies

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Want to re-create something like this, but for “Fulfilled Order”



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Hi @John Parker the solution to your question is fairly simple (if you've ran into this issue before… 🤣)

Instead of using a conditional split I suggest you to use a trigger split.
The trigger split allows you to split based on the data from the event that triggered the flow.

You should be good to go from there.

Let me know if this answer helped!


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But.. how could we do that in a Predicted Next Order flow? 🧐


I’ve seen that Klaviyo can predict quite well when the next order will take place so I’d like to have the Replenishment flows in it. But.. how could I do it?

This way is not that great considering that I’ll have to create a few flows, the last 90 days is only an approximate and that the flows could easily overlap for orders that had items from more than one category.

Any thoughts?