How do I create a metric so that when the client re-registers with the same email?

  • 6 June 2022
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I need to activate a flow for clients to update their data in my Signup Form inserted in my web page. Since my clients currently update their data, but the current Flow does not send that email again and they gave me the information that a Flow must be done based on metrics


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Hi @Nicolas Aguilera,

It sounds to me like you need to have a custom form that sends both an event and updates the customer property. Do you have a developer that can help you?

I would suggest looking at this:

So whenever the event happens you could trigger a flow.

I'm not a developer myself but have worked with many to get custom integrations done. The documentation of Klaviyo is very clear. If you know which data you'd like to sent to Klaviyo a dev should be able to help you easily. If you have the opportunity, use a serverside solution.



Omar Lovert

Polaris Growth


Hello Omar.

Thank you for responding to my post.

I have reviewed the material you have left me and I have decided to go for a developer to help me.

Can you recommend someone with which you are sure that it can solve me.