How Do I Make a Reorder Email?

  • 23 December 2020
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I would like to create a reorder email, asking customers to reorder their products they bought in the past. How can I show for each customer the products they ordered?




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Hi @JayHill . You will want to trigger the flow on the “Placed order” metric. When you do this, you can add elements of the original order, such as products purchased, into the email design. Here’s a great resource:

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Hello @Shaun, this guide actually doesn’t explain how and where to find the variable or event related to the last order.
Can you help? I’m looking to do the same simple “Re-order now” button that will take the customer to the cart with all the same products of his/her last order.

Any tips, please?

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Hey there @mrdobelina,

I believe @Shaun is on the right page sharing that resource regarding a replenishment flow. This would be the basis of setting up a Flow for sending emails with a reminder for customers to order products that they had previously purchased. 

The variables and event data that gets pulled in would be up to your end to determine how information is coming into Klaviyo. Based on your integration, event data can be called different things. As long as your integration is successfully pulling in order data, you should see these options populate when trying to create a flow.

Using that as a step to send emails automatically, the next step would be to pull up specific products based on a customer’s history. I believe you could do this by using an event lookup in a show/hide block, and show it to customers who only bought that product. For more information please read through our guide, How to Show or Hide Template Blocks Based on Dynamic Variables

If you want the flow based on previous purchase history you would need to use the Placed Order event as as the trigger of the flow and in that case the flow would only be based on the purchases from the single trigger event (not all combined Placed Order events in the history of a profile). Unfortunately there is no way to have all purchase history aggregated into one event or other form of data. The only built-in feature like that is the "automatic recommendations" option when adding a product feed to a product block. The "automatic recommendations" option gives you very little control over it since it runs automatic. In this case you would have to set up different product feeds for each group you want to show or you could create a product block of manually selected products. Either way you would then have to set the show/hide setting for these blocks based on information in the trigger event. 


Hope that helped clarify,