How do I remove border on only my hero image?

  • 5 June 2023
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Saw that everlane sends their campaigns without a white border on their first image. I think it looks clean and I want to re-create that on my end. How do I do it? 



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Hi @Vbeebs, welcome to the community!


This is a great catch - it’s been awhile since I saw an email from Everlane, and this is a nice touch on their part.


The best part is it’s a simple, but effective, email design you can easily replicate! Here’s a screenshot of how you’ll set up an image like this in Klaviyo.

Configuring settings for an Image block


The goal is to make sure the padding is turned off on the “Image area” section of the editor, and then in the “Block” section below that, set Top/Bottom and Left/Right padding to 0. As an extra backup, you could turn on the “full width on mobile” setting.


Depending on how your template is configured, you’ll also want to make sure either the entire email is configured to have Left/Right padding of 0 pixels under the “Styles” section of the editor. If you’re using specific sections of the email builder, and you want Left/Right padding in some sections, but not all, just make sure the section holding your primary featured image has Left/Right padding set to 0. 





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