How do I send a flow to all of my subscribers?

  • 30 April 2022
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What segmentation/trigger must I begin with? I currently have it under Segment trigger (i’ve named it Biggest List but its under a segment)  and a Flow Filter of everyone who is on my Biggest Subscriber List.


The list does not have a double opt selected!


Flow isn’t sending and would appreciate any help!  


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5 replies

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Your trigger is “When someone join the bigger list” It means if a new subscriber join these list he will get the email

But you want to send to everyone.


I have a question for you : Have you ever send email from these flow?

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Out of curiosity, what kind of flow are you sending to everyone? Will it have multiple emails? Would it be solved by sending multiple campaign emails?

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Hey @amandamansoorbakht 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! So happy @ayyub_here and @Mailbox Manny have already jumped in to help troubleshoot your flow. Thank you both!

I have a couple more questions to add. In your post you said you were using a segment as the flow trigger, but you are using a list? Have you tried cloning the flow and changing the trigger to a list and setting it your Biggest List? It would also be helpful to see your current flow analytics. Are your customers entering the flow and being skipped? Are they not in the que at all? You can view your flow analytics to see recipient activity and can dive into the reason that your customers are being skipped. 


Keep up posted on your journey to solve this! 

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Hey @amandamansoorbakht were you able to find an answer to your flow challenge? Just wanted to follow up and make sure you are successful!