How do I send newly added flow emails to people who've already completed a flow?

  • 17 September 2021
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I’ve added two new emails to a flow for one of my clients a few weeks after the flow was created by them.

In between the time they created the flow and I added new emails, many customers went through the initial flow.

As I add my new emails to this flow, they are not being sent to the people who went through the initial version of the flow. They are only being sent to people who enter the flow right now.

How do I get it to send the new emails to people who already went through the earlier version of the flow?


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3 replies

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Hi @EasierEmails ,


Thank you for writing in!

If you add new emails to an existing flow and want people who exited the flow prior to adding these emails to get these, you will have to back-populate the flow.

We have a great guide here which goes over how back-populating works when you add new emails to your flow.

Happy sending!


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Thanks @nikitavaidya,

There’s just one problem…

Here’s this quote from that article:

“For instance, if you added an email to send 10 days after the flow’s trigger, and John triggered the flow 20 days ago, he will not receive the new email. On the other hand, if Kara triggered the flow 9 days ago, she will get the new email.”

I want people to receive the emails even though they triggered the flow 15 days ago and the new emails are to be sent 10 days after the flows trigger.

How do I do that? Is it possible?

Would I have to resend it as a campaign to people the flow skipped?

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Hi @EasierEmails,

If you wanted to go the back populating route, you could extend the time delay from 10 days to 16 days (to account for the people at 15 days right now). If that isn’t an option because you really want to keep the 10 day delay, then your best option would be to send to these people via a campaign. To help troubleshoot some other options, it could be helpful to understand the trigger for the flow and use case of the flow. 

Hope this helps!