How do I show past Klaviyo jobs to Clients?

  • 3 October 2021
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Hello here. I was recently certified by Klaviyo academy, and I have been trying to get clients on various platforms to show my skills and help their businesses grow. 


However, this has proven to be very difficult as most clients are asking me to show flow and campaign creation portfolios (work samples). While I can design email templates and show them to clients, I don't know how to show them past flows/campaigns I have created. Note that I don't have any work samples, indeed mainly flows and campaigns, as I am still looking for where to make use of all I have learned in the past weeks, but I am curious even when I am finally able to work on one, how will I show it to clients?


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3 replies

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Hi @Favewriter


Congrats on being recently Klaviyo certified! 


Sorry you’ve been experiencing difficulties figuring out how to show your work to your clients. A potential workaround to show your clients your campaigns or flow emails would be to save them as templates and Export these messages as HTML. Additionally, links to your account will only render correctly if you are logged into the same account. You cannot send a client a link to your account because they don’t have access to the account in order to view it. To show potential clients features like a Flow Workflow, you could Transfer Flows and Templates to Another Account that you only use to show clients your work and Add These Potential Clients as Users Who Have Access to Your Account


Additionally, if your client has a Klaviyo account, you could transfer your flows or template to their account as well in case you don’t want them to see every design or workflow in your account library. 


I’d also recommend checking out this Community Post as it has additional information that could be helpful to your situation! 


Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community! 



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Google Slides and screenshots has always worked for me. If you need to include GIFs i use Chrome Screenshot- Gif and Screenshot tool

You can also use an app like Miro if you want to make the workflows look really fancy, but honestly its a lot of work.

If you cant convince someone you know what your doing with screenshots and slides you likely have other issues, like effectively finding out what their goals and pain points are with email/sms. Do your best to find out what their goals are and if they dont have any, help them set some with an audit using a quarterly growth report.

Let me know if you need help :)

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Hi @JNorm,


Thanks for chiming in here and offering other suggestions for showing off your work to potential clients! Great advice here!


I know this will benefit your peers in the Community!