How do I update the delay of a winback flow the best/correct way?

  • 19 September 2022
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We recently started a winback flow with a delay of 72 days which we now think is a little bit too short delay for our products. 
We want to change the delay to 120 days instead to minimize the risk of spamming our customers. 
What´s the best way to do this? We have like 3000 people in this flow “waiting” to get their winback emails. 
Can we set the flow in draft and create a new one? What will happen to the people waiting in the old flow? 

Thanks in advance! 


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4 replies

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Hi there @nicklasdeneo ,

The way that time delays work is that when updated, the update will only apply to new customers entering the flow. The customers that are already in the flow will still be scheduled according to the old time delay value. With a Winback flow, profiles are entered into the flow for each Placed Order event that occurs on their profile, and your flow filters are evaluated at send time for each email in the flow.  For that reason, if someone reaches an email in your flow for one order, and since that order was placed they have made an additional order, then they would be skipped on that flow email as expected.  This should work as intended with your cloned flow once you back-populate to pull profiles in and schedule them relative to the new time delays in your clone.


Hope that helped,


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Amazing, thanks. We decide to keep the old winback flow with a shorter delay for now and simply adjust the delay to a longer one. 
Let´s say we manually want to “cancel send” to the profiles in the upcoming week or so. Can we do that without messing things up? Can we bulk cancel somehow?

Thanks in advance, 



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Hi @nicklasdeneo ,

To cancel the Flow email scheduled for multiple recipients, you will need to navigate to the flow email you would like to cancel and click View all Analytics.
Here, find the recipient you would like to cancel the email for, and click Cancel on the far right. You can cancel recipients who are in either the Waiting or Needs Review tab. 

For further account specific questions I would reach out to our Support team as well.


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Amazing, thanks for your help!