How do you filter recharge subscibers from post purchase flow?

  • 16 March 2023
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I’m setting up a post purchase flow and want to add individual message filters for emails that should only go to people who are not yet subscribers.

The company I’m setting this up for uses recharge for their subscriptions.

Here’s how I currently have the additional flow filters setup: Has Placed Order zero times over all time where tags contains Subscription.

Will this work for people who have started the post purchase flow but are not yet subscribers?


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2 replies

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Hey Tanner,

Typically ReCharge should be filling in the contacts profile property named ‘rc_active_subscriber’. What you can do is put a filter on those messages  - rc_active_subscriber = false OR rc_active_subscriber is Not Set. Then only users who aren’t currently subscribed would get it.

Also ReCharge will typically tag the contact as Active Subscriber in Shopify so placing in a filter like ‘Properties about someone - Shopify Tags - Doesn’t contain Active Subscriber’ will work as well! I’d recommend you build a segment to cross-check your data to triple-check those fields and data are pulling in!

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@Spark Bridge Digital LLC That helps a lot, thank you!