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  • 26 March 2024
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I am still on the Klaviyo trial while trying to figure out if the product can do what I need it to do.


I am having trouble with a flow triggering an email based on a segment I created. 

I have tried posting in here for help but have not been able to solve it. 

The email and live chat support is only available on a plan upgrade. 

I don’t want to upgrade until I know that the product can do what I need it to do , and I can’t figure that out without support…. 


So how can I access support to see if this product actually works since I have seen many similar posts about the issue I am experiencing without any solution, and I don’t want to upgrade to a paid plan just to access support. 




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Hey @Elaine_smith, I completely understand your frustration. Could you elaborate a little more on the specific issue you're facing? I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

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Hey @Elaine_smith 

Klaviyo customers on free plans have access to a 60-day trial of email support and after the trial you will have you can get your support from experience centered on resources like the Community, Help Center, Academy, and weekly Live Trainings. To give you better assistance we will need to you to tell us the specific issue you're facing.


For now, here are some steps you can take to find the problem:  

  • Check the Segment - Make sure you have selected the correct segment as the trigger for your flow. If you have multiple segments with similar names, it’s easy to select the wrong one.
  • Check the Flow Status - If your flow messages are not sending, check the flow status. Make sure your flow is live and not in draft or manual mode.
  • Review the Flow’s Changelog - For previously working flows, review the flow’s changelog. This can help you identify any recent changes that might have affected the flow.
  • Back-Populate a Flow - When you clone a flow and change the trigger list/segment, people who are already in the list/segment will not automatically enter the flow. Only new people who join that list/segment after the flow is live will trigger the flow. There is a way to “Back-Populate” a flow.

Let us know if this helps but we will stand by for your specific issue.