How to add old campaigns to new email subscribers using a flow?

  • 3 June 2021
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I am trying to figure out how to send out all the campaigns we have sent to previous subscribers to new subscribers. 

Once someone new has subscribed we want the ability to send out all the campaigns in the order we had sent them out initially to previous subscribers.

Is there a way to do this in Klaviyo through a flow automagically?


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Hi @RiseTogether

This is a fantastic question! Indeed, you can use Flows to do this ✨and there are many types of Flows you can create based on the actions of your audience. 

For your particular example, it sounds like you want to capture new subscribers, and have them receive a series of campaigns in the order that you have already. For this, would recommend reviewing this article on Creating a Welcome Series Flow

With the Welcome Series Flow, you can customize each email the customer receives to look like the campaign emails you previously sent (simply clone the campaign as a template). One call out though that is important to reference is that Flows and Campaigns have a distinct difference in that Campaigns can be sent whenever you choose to send it, whereas Flows will automatically be sent based on the action your customer makes. This Guide to Creating Sending an Email Campaign covers a lot of the essentials: 

Campaign vs. Flow

In Klaviyo lingo, it is important to distinguish between flows and campaigns.



Send to a target list that you build in advance

Send one or more automated messages, curated based on certain triggers and filters

Manually created and scheduled

Triggered every time a certain behavior occurs

Example: monthly emails for a newsletter list, or a flash sale announcement sent to existing customers via text

Example: automated welcome email or SMS that sends to new subscribers immediately after they sign up 


Depending on what the content of each of your campaigns were, I may recommend that you instead create a different Flows, so that your customer triggers the action that would send a Flow. This creates a much more personalized experience, and helps you identify your most engaged segments. More on Creating an Engaged Segment here.

Thanks so much and hope that helps! Have a great weekend, 
- Cassy  

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@cassy.lee Thanks for that information. 

I am trying to figure out the best way to go about scheduling a new newsletter series. I would like to start sending to all my current subscribers now, but I eventually want all of my new subscribers to start receiving the emails in the same order that will currently be sent. 

Since the emails have not yet been sent, I don’t want to add them to the welcome flow, because then couldn’t the new subscribers then receive duplicate emails? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @goods4goodmarket,

When you mean “best way to go about scheduling a new newsletter series” is your intent to reach out to these existing subscribers through a campaign or a flow?

If you wanted to send out a newsletter to your existing subscribers through a campaign, you still wouldn’t run the risk of these existing newsletter subscribers receiving duplicate emails from a welcome series you have yet to set up. This is because a welcome series flow, also known as a list triggered flow would only be served to your customers at the moment your customers are added to the designated list. Since these existing subscribers are already on the list, they would not trigger the welcome series flow when you do decide to implement it and active it. This way you can schedule and send a campaign email out to these existing subscribers without the risk of these users receiving duplicate emails when you decide to serve a welcome series flow to these new subscribers in the future.

If your goal was to serve these existing subscribers through a flow, then once again you would not run the risk of double sending to these subscribers. This is because list and segment triggered flows are only served to your customers once. Customers who have already received or gone through a list triggered flow would not be eligible for the flow a second time. 

For your particular case, I would suggest creating a welcome series flow, turning the flow Live, and back-populating the flow. The back-populate feature allows you to queue people for flow actions retroactively. This means that once your flow is activated and you back-populated it, the existing subscribers would receive your new flow. This would then lead to any new subscribers who are added to the list to then also enter the flow and receive the same experience. 

I would also suggest taking a look at the following resources available within the Klaviyo Help Center to learn more about flows and how they interact with serving to your existing and new subscribers:

I hope this helps!


Badge +1 Thank you for that information. Despite my best efforts on all of the articles, I have still found myself confused. Perhaps it would be easier if I explain what I have set up and you could let me know if it is possible. I don’t think back-populating is what I am looking for… 


I would like Current Subscribers to begin a flow. I would like all Future Subscribers to enter that flow from the beginning once they complete their Welcome flow. 

I have added a Profile Property at the end of my Welcome flow that will create a new property: WelcomeComplete : true. 

I am now attempting to create a new segment that would have subscribers ended once they are tagged with WelcomeComplete, in the hopes that the next flow that the current subscribers will be on can include them. I am not finding this as an option when I attempt to create a segment (or list- but it doesn’t seem like a List is the right route.) 

To summarize I would like Future Subscribers to be routed to the beginning of a new flow once the welcome series is complete. 

Thank you. 

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Hey @goods4goodmarket,

The strategy you have does seem viable and using an Update Profile Property step at the end of your flow to tag your subscribers who finish the welcome series flow to capture them and serve them another flow triggered by a segment would be the best strategy. Since it sounds like you aren’t finding the profile property of “WelcomeComplete: true” when creating your segment, can you confirm if any profiles have been tagged with this property yet? Klaviyo can only create segment rules and filters for events and objects that have already been recorded within Klaviyo. This means that if you do not already have at least one profile with this specific “WelcomeComplete: true” property and value, then you would not see it available when creating your segment to be used as a flow trigger. I’ve detailed and elaborated on this point in a couple Community Posts which you can find below:

To have your current list subscribers who have already received and completed the welcome series flow, I would suggest manually applying this “WelcomeComplete: true” through a .CSV import to tag these subscribers. To learn more about manually applying customers with a profile property via a .CSV import, I would recommend reviewing the Guide to Properties and How to Import Profile Properties Using a CSV Upload Help Center Articles.

Once tagged and you have your segment triggered flow set up, I would suggest back-populating the segment triggered flow. This would allow all subscribers who have already previously completed the welcome series flow who now have this “WelcomeComplete: true” profile property tag to go through this new flow experience.

In addition, those customers who are still going through the welcome series flow who has not yet been tagged or are new subscribers and just entered the flow; when they reach the end of the welcome series flow and are tagged by the Update Profile Property step, they would then be captured by the segment and served this new flow as well. 


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Oh jeez, so complicated. Next question: I have already imported the subscribers using a .csv. Do i have to re-import or do I update their profiles another way??? 

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Hey @goods4goodmarket,

When importing your subscribers using a .CSV, did you also include a column with a header titled “WelcomeComplete” and the values of the column as “true”? If not then this would mean you did not bulk update and apply this custom profile property to tag these existing subscribers. In this event, I would suggest making the appropriate updates to your .CSV and re-importing it back into Klaviyo a second time as detailed in the How to Import Profile Properties Using a CSV Upload article. This would not impact your contacts and would only cause the profiles to be updated with this new property or any new data found within the .CSV.

Another alternate solution to update your profiles with a custom profile property would be to manually do so. You can find instructions on how to manually apply a custom profile property to a profile or update an existing profile from the Manually Add Them subsection under the Individual section of the Guide to Properties Article.

Have a great day!