How to add recipients to Needs review

  • 23 March 2022
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We need to test a flow email we have set up. It is in Manual Mode.  HOW do I do this?  I have searched everywhere and I cannot find out how to do this.


Do I need to add recipients to Needs Review?  If so how do I do this?


Can someone please provide a step by step process as Im new to this and it’s a little tricky. Thanks so much



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3 replies

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Hey @suemccwebb,

if your goal was to just send preview emails to yourself and a colleague to view within your own inbox, you can simply use the send preview function. When you’re in the email editor, you can use the Preview option found on the left side of the classic editor pr the Preview and test option in the top right of the new editor to either view the email in Klaviyo or send it as preview to your desired email address. 

Classic Editor: 

New Editor:

You can learn more about using and sending preview emails from the How to Preview and Send Test Emails in Klaviyo and Tools to Test and Preview Flow Messages Help Center articles we offer. 


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Hello @suemccwebb,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

If you haven’t had a chance, I think taking a look at our How to Manually Send Flow Messages to Recipients and How Contacts Move Through a Flow Help Center articles would be helpful to understand what it means when your email status are in Manual Mode and contacts are caught with the Needs Review status. 

Essentially, if your flow emails are set in Manual Mode, users who trigger your flow and reach these emails in this status will be marked as Needs Review. This means that the email will not be sent to these recipients automatically. Instead, you’ll need to manually approve and send the emails off to these recipients to allow them to continue through the flow. 

Overall, you wouldn’t need to manually add anyone as Needs Review to your flow; but rather recipients wills automatically be marked as Needs Review when they trigger a flow and reach the email step when it is set in the Manual Mode. 

I also believe that these two Community post may be of some assistance on further understanding this as well:

I hope this helps!


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HI David,

Thanks for your response and I had already rwad those responses. I am still no wiser.  All I want to do is to send the flow email I have set up to my email address do I can view it. That’s all.  All this info about Needs Review etc I really dont need. I just want to forward it to myself or antoher colleagues to check it.

How do I do that??


Many thanks