How to add UTM Tracking In Abandoned Cart Email button?

  • 25 February 2022
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my name is Jorge.


I have a simple doubt:

How can I add UTM Tracking in Abandoned Cart BUTTON?

In my newsletter you can find this buttton "Return to your cart".

BUT when the client click on the button, this button dont have any UTM Tracking, only this...  (URL link: {{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }}).



And I have no way of tracking that link.




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3 replies

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Hello @Jorge,

Welcome to the Community!

Do you happen to have UTMs enabled for your abandoned cart email? If so, UTMs would be applied to all links - including those links that are dynamically generated and referenced from a variable syntax. 

It’s not unusual you may not see the UTMs applied when reviewing the URL after clicking the button and being returned to the checkout page. This typically has to do with your website displaying a vanity URL for clarity. 

Also, when you say you have no means of tracking that link, can you confirm if you’ve properly set up your Google Analytics or tracking tool you decide to use to track those UTMs? If so, then you should be able to parse that link’s activity among the other links using the same UTM parameters. If you have not set up Google Analytics, I would suggest taking a look at Google’s About Channel Groupings documentation and our own Understanding UTM Tracking in Klaviyo and How to Add UTM Tracking to Campaigns and Flows Help Center articles for a better understanding on how UTMs are set up and recorded. 

I hope this helps!


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Hello David!

When you said… “UMT ´s would be applied to all liks - including those links that are dynamically generated...” is not quite right.

When I have received the abandoned cart email: 




If I click on:

  1. The products (The 24H Pen Eyeliner) the UTM Tracking is: This is perfect!!
  2. The button “Return to your cart” the UTM Tracking is: 



Would you mind checking for me once again?


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hey @Jorge,

When UTM tracking is enabled, they would be applied to all links in your email. Klaviyo doesn’t segregate some links from having UTM parameters applied and others not. 

Keep in mind that UTMs are only applied and trackable in Live email sends. If you were previewing the email, you’ll want to ensure you are sending yourself a preview and not viewing within the interface. Although these UTMS would be applied with a test send, they would not be trackable via Google Analytics. 

As mentioned prior, in the event that you are sending yourself a test email but not seeing UTMs applied to certain links, this may indicate that your website is either displaying a vanity link or something causing the website to refresh and loading the same URL but stripped of the UTM parameters. I’ve seen this occur if your website is built to recognize the geoIP location of a visitor and redirect them to their country specific website. 

Since the Community forum is a space for Klaviyo Customers, partners and other users to network and learn from one another, if you were looking for more direct assistance into what could potentially be causing your UTM parameters to not apply to select links for your specific email and website, I would suggest reaching out to our helpful Support Team who can investigate further.