How to avoid multiple emails from seasonal flow trigger

  • 4 November 2022
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I’m trying to configure a flow based on seasonal purchases, reminding customers to re-order 11 months later, and right now the flow is causing multiple emails to be sent to customers if they’ve purchased multiple seasonal products in one transaction. How would I avoid this, and have all the seasonal products the customer ordered listed in one email?


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 7 November 2022, 19:05

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Hi @redcurrant and welcome to the Community!


May I ask if you could provide some further information/screenshots about the current structure of your flow? It might be difficult to understand the issue without understanding your flow trigger/filters.


One thing that may be especially important to understand in this scenario is the difference between the Placed Order and Ordered Product events.


For each order placed on your e-commerce site, only one Placed Order event is created for the entire order. This event contains all line items, the value of the order, the categories or collections the products are from, item count, and other important information that pertains to the entire order.


Conversely, one Ordered Product event occurs for each individual product ordered. These events don’t include information about the overall order, but have more detailed information about the individual item purchased, such as sku, or different variations and product attributes.


Therefore, if the flow is triggered by the Ordered Product metric, then it would make sense that it is firing multiple times for each individual product. To that end, I would first make sure that the flow is triggered by the Placed Order event instead.


More on this topic here:


For more on how to list the ordered products in the email, I would suggest reading through this Community post:


I hope this helps, and thanks for being a Community member!


- Brian

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Brian, thank you! Will try this now, it was set to ordered product, will keep it on manual send and see how that goes

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Hi Brian,

Just one hiccup: where the order has multiple products, it appears that the last item in the order is the one that is sent in the trigger email, rather than the product that triggered the email from the “Seasonal Klaviyo” category?

Is there a way of making the email use the triggered product (from the Seasonal Klaviyo category) in an order containing multiple products 

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