How to back populate Back In Stock flow without time delay?

  • 23 October 2023
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Hi, I recently set up my Back in Stock flow but I had a bunch of requests from before I started the flow. I went to try and back populate it in the usual way (manage flow → add past profiles) but I get this error:


“The total duration of the flow is 0 days. Add a time delay to add past profiles.”


I don’t have a time delay included in the BIS flow as I’m just using the standard template in Klaviyo. How can I add these older profiles please?


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Hi @yayifications ,

Welcome to the Community! 

Thank you for your question about back populating your Back in Stock flow. 

I found the following guide that might be helpful: Understanding how adding past profiles works in Klaviyo

Specifically, I’d like to point you to this section:

Since back in stock flows are best without time delays (and the back in stock delay functions differently), adding past profiles won't have any effect. If you wish to reach out to those in a back in stock report, we recommend sending a campaign.

That said, if your back in stock flow does contain a time delay, adding past profiles will work similarly to how other metric-triggered flows add past profiles. The only difference is that with back in stock flows, someone in the waiting queue will be notified as soon as the product is back in stock.


So in your case, you would actually want to add a small time delay (say, 1 day) to be eligible to send to previous profiles. This can be changed after ~48 hours when the flow has finished sending to those who were back populated. 

If you do not wish to proceed with that option (as it would cause a 1 day delay to all Back in Stock emails) you can proceed with the first suggested solution which would be to send a standalone campaign to those profiles which you wish to back populate. 


Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski