How to boost this homeware brands campaign revenue

  • 4 September 2023
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I'm managing the campaigns for a Homeware brand. To give you an idea of the store, here are their collections:

Best Sellers
New Arrivals
Home Decor
Storage & Organisation
Rugs & Carpets

The store list is reasonably large:
73,000 Newsletter
33,000 Engaged 90 days

I'm currently only sending to the engaged segment (along with other segments in the same email: expeted to buy, winback) sending 2x a week.

Other segments I have sent to have brought quite poor results (repeat buyers, low opens. Vip's/low segment numbers etc.)

Opens are good: 44%
Clicks are quite poor 0.65%
Placed order rate 0.05%

My campaigns usually contain some sort of discount (much more engagement and sales if I do). I mostly send similar campaigns each month (new arrivals, testimonial, free shipping over $150, sale/discount emails etc)

I'd like to really knock it out of the park for this brand.

I'm finding it hard to:

A) Segment the audience as there is a huge amount of SKU's (over 5000 and counting). Also a home would need something from every collections so I'm not sure what to do there.

B) Not rely on discounts to make decent sales. I'm worried that the customers have been trained into only shopping when there is a disocunt available to them.

Do you have any suggestions on how I would fix this?

Also could you give me any other advice you think would help me to do a great job for this brand?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Looking forward to reading your answers


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Hello @GaryV_123,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I personally don’t know if I would focus so much on the entire 5,000 SKUs catalog so much. Instead, I would focus more on the customer’s behavior and understanding their preferences. For example, are you already gathering data through their customers on what type of products they’re in the market for? Are they purchasing these products for themselves or others? Are they new home owners? 

By asking these sort of questions, you can be more specific in your recommendations and cross sell/upsell strategies that don’t solely rely their past purchasing behavior. 

I would recommend really taking a look into your customer data and performing a deep analysis on these sort of behaviors along with their purchasing behavior. You can use Klaviyo’s predictive analytics to help along with this endeavor. 

Performing these analysis will also help in formulating a strategy to understanding what percentage of customers are using coupons and how many of them actually end up being returning customers. 

If you need more hands on help on these, I would advise reaching out to some of our wonderfully knowledgeable Klaviyo partners through the Klaviyo Partner Directory.