How to create a birthday flow

  • 14 September 2023
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We have a florist business

We create a custom profile field as a birthday reminder - and upload via CSV the date the birthday gift is sent

We then created a flow that went

Places Order, and has the field of birthday in the a window of +/-7days

Wait 360 days

Send Reminder email


It isnt triggering. Thoughts ive had

  • As we are uploading the data we are adding this property after placed order. So should the flow be
    • Placed order
    • Wait 360 days
    • check for birthday field
    • Send reminder email if present
  • We are uploading this field as a date e.g. 14/09/2023
    • So when it looks in 360 days - the date would never be in the +/- 7 day window

Looking for ideas on how to set this up and manage it to work


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If you uploaded that date as a property in Klaviyo then you can use it directly to trigger the flow. There is this trigger available in Klaviyo for Date properties.. (last option)


If you use that you have an option to start the flow a week before the actual date so if the date is 19th of September it can start on 7th of September..

Also there you have the option for this flow to set it to repeat yearly.. I think this would be the best option for you.


Here is more detailed explanation on how to create Birthday and similar flows