How to exclude discount codes from e-mail flow (abandoned shopping cart)?

  • 24 November 2021
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Hi there,

I would like to exclude customers from my e-mail flow who already typed in a discount code but left the shopping cart. My idea was:


Trigger: “Discount codes” → “is empty” , type “list”. 

Am I right?


Thanks for help.





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9 replies

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Hello @Exclude discounts e-mail flow,

Thanks for sharing this information with us.

The “is empty” filter is not referring to what the user has (or has not) inputted on the checkout page, but rather, speaks to the custom properties section of a user profile. Specifically, “is empty” refers to a Klaviyo property with no value. For example, if you had “Shopify Tags” as a property on a user profile, but with nothing else in the value section. The “list” data type (also generally referring to the custom properties section of the user profile) identifies value(s) in a Klaviyo property, when they are organized in an array format i.e. [“item1”,”item2”,”item3”] and so on.

For more information on properties please see our guide here. We also had a guide describing the various data types here

To speak to your original question, if you are using a static coupon code from your ecommerce platform, you can include a flow filter (or an additional filter, if you want to target a specific email) that checks whether or not that person has placed an order that used that discount code. If they have, this filter: Placed Order zero times since starting this flow where Discounted (or discount code) equals “name of code” (also depicted in the gray box in screenshot below) will remove them from the flow.

Setting a additional filter so only those who haven't used the coupon receive a reminder email

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Hi Dov,

thank you for your reply. :-)


Beside the filter “Placed Order zero times since starting this flow” … If am I right, this is the solution:

Trigger setup → Trigger filters → Discount codes → Doesnt equal “vouchercode” → Type: Text

These customers wont receive an e-mail?

Thank you.



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Hi @Exclude discounts e-mail flow,

You’re very welcome. I am glad that was helpful.

Yes, as long as the code is static coupon code from your ecommerce platform (not a unique-coupon code created in Klaviyo), you can use that logic: 

Trigger setup → Trigger filters → Discount codes → Doesnt equal “vouchercode” → Type: Text

The reason a Klaviyo-generated code will not work in this case is because we (Klaviyo) can only filter users based on the coupon code itself (not the coupon code name). In the case of a static coupon, the coupon code name and code itself will always be the same so the filter works. For example, WELCOME50. The user would use WELCOME50 at checkout as well, and so we can filter off of WELCOME50 using the Placed Order metric.

However, with a Klaviyo-generated code (which produces a unique coupon code for each recipient) filtering would require using each unique generate coupon code. For example, if the unique coupon code is again WELCOME50 but each time a user receives an email it would be a unique code, in other words, WELCOME50 is not what’s being inputted at checkout for each user. They are placing their orders with a separate unique code. You can imagine if you have hundreds or thousands of customers going through this flow, each getting a unique code, you would have to set up a discrete filter for each unique code which is unsustainable.

I hope that helps!


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Hello, one additional question this filter “Placed Order zero times since starting this flow”

Will exclude customers that start checkout with discount code or customers that made purchase with discount code? Because to follow the logic of anabdoned cart we need to exclude those who start but not ended checkout process.




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Hi @Jakub,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

Using Placed Order zero times since starting this flow as a flow filter will exclude users who complete a purchase while in the flow. This filter is standard when using any Klaviyo pre-built Abandoned Cart flow.

Thanks for being a community member.

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So is there any way to identify customers that add code during checkout but didn't abandon cart. This would be great trigger to add additional scenario with coupon code.

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Hi @Jakub,

No way to capture the code if they didn’t yet abandon the cart - but we appreciate the feedback :)

Thanks for being a member of our community.

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And maybe its possible to tags customers that add code during checkout and use this tag as filter option in flow. Will that be possible?

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Hi @Jakub,

If you created the coupon in Shopify, we will pull through the discount code names.

What you can do is first build a segment (like the below) which includes all of the discount code names


Next, build a segment-triggered flow (using this segment as the trigger) and use an update profile property action in the flow with a property of your choice to “tag” these users. That will take care of any new users placing an order with a Shopify coupon.

If you also want to also target users who have already used the coupon (past purchasers), simply backpopulate the flow triggered off of this action using the second option “Schedule recipients relative to when you click back-populate”, that will “queue up” past purchasers to be “tagged”. From there, you can use “properties about someone” in your flow filter and choose the tagged value to target these users in a flow.

I hope that’s helpful.