How to exclude Shopify POS sales from a post purchase flow for online sales only

  • 23 September 2023
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Hey there, 


I only want to send a post purchase flow once order has been fulfilled to our online customers. Unfortunately our in store customers (Shopify POS) are confused as to why they’re getting these emails that mention about delivery and shipping etc


Is there a way to exclude Shopify POS orders from the post purchase flow and have them only go out to those who ordered online.


Many thanks



Best answer by bluesnapper 24 September 2023, 17:28

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4 replies

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Welcome to the community @Nieve 

This flow trigger filter should work (below) for your post-purchase flow for online sales customers. Alternatively you could use ‘Source Name equals web’.

You can test by creating a placed order segment with the same filter and cross-check a few customers in that segment to make sure all is as expected.

Hope that helps



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Hi @Nieve 

Thank you for your question in the community! And thanks @bluesnapper for the great solution to @Nieve problem!

Completely agree with @bluesnapper , this would be an easy and affective way to ensure these emails are not sent to those customers.

However, it does raise the question that maybe you could create a Flow specific to Instore customers for post purchase experience?

Good Luck!



Thanks so much @bluesnapper - seems so obvious now! That’s done the trick. I really appreciate it. And yes will definitely add another separate post purchase flow for POS customers - thanks @Kylie W .  


Appreciate your fast responses! 

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Hi @Nieve, I was just wondering if you put together that POS post purchase flow, and how it went! I am trying to build a welcome series for POS signups only, and am having some trouble figuring out how to filter out everyone else. POS customers have the option to signup for email in person through our Shopify POS checkout, so I guess I would need to filter for:

  • Enters Klaviyo via our Shopify List (not general newsletter as this is only Klaviyo forms)
  • Has not recieved any emails prior to this flow
  • Has placed at least one order where source = pos

Does that sound right or does it seem like I’m missing something?