How to exclude subscribers from Replenishment Reminder email - Shopify.

  • 26 October 2021
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I run a natural deodorant company, a number of customers are subscribed to get deodorants every 4,5,6 weeks, etc. 


I want to send out a replenishment reminder email to all customers who are not subscripted for repeat purchases. Can anyone help me or provide guidance on how I can do this?


I basically want to exclude those who are already signed up to automatically receive a deodorant every few weeks. 


Thanks very much. 


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3 replies

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Hi there @BennyB,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for posting regarding your replenishment flow idea for your deodorant company and I hope to provide info to get you started.

What integration have you used to setup your store? For Shopify and BigCommerce integrations, there is a pre-built replenishment flow available in Klaviyo. Our Replenishment Flow documentation outlines all the steps you need to setup your flow to your preferences. It will provide you the best instructions to follow!

As for limiting the flow to only customers who are not subscribed to repeat purchases, that can be done by adding a flow filter that looks to only target a segment that isn’t subscribed for repeats. 


Hope this helped and let me know if you had further questions regarding this topic!



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@alex.hong Hi Alex, thanks very much for your help. So I have the pre-built replenishment flow for Shopify.


However, I can’t figure out how to add a ‘flow filter’ for people who are subscripted for repeat purchases. I’m not sure how exactly to add it if that makes sense. 


Is it one of the below options? Does that mean subscription as in a repeat purchaser subscription as opposed to a person who subscribed to my email list?


Thank you,



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Hi @BennyB,

I see what you mean now. I was under the assumption that you had setup a way to filter these subscribers already.

So the method to differentiate users would be to Integrate with Recharge. This would allow for your customers who have subscribed to the replenishment to be tagged so that you can section off the flow. The recharge integration allows for you to pull in custom profile properties such as the Started Subscription metric: this records an event when a customer subscribes to a product in your store using ReCharge. New subscriptions are synced in real time. After that, you could create filters that utilize this profile property. I believe recharge also has a way they utilize replenishment flows with Shopify integration as well.

Additionally, and more complex, you could use API calls such as the Track and Identify API to mark customers with a custom profile property. In the flow filter, you can also mark it so that you need this replenishment = true to pass through the replenishment flow.


Hope that made sense!