How to exclude "unfulfilled orders" from flow

  • 12 April 2021
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Hello all, 

Trying to set up a flow and to exclude customer who’s order has not been fulfilled yet ( to avoid customer frustration). Is that the right way to do it in the trigger set up? Thanks



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6 replies

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Hi @phil,

Thank you for sharing your question and exploring the Community for some solutions.

In other words, you only want to include folks in this flow who have had their orders fulfilled. If you want this logic to apply while they are in the flow, you should use “What somebody has done > Fulfilled Order > zero times > since starting this flow”. That flow filter will require that their order remains unfulfilled after starting the flow, if it becomes fulfilled during the course of the flow, they will be skipped for subsequent flow emails.

For example, say the flow is triggered off of Placed Order and the user places their order (enters the flow) and their order is subsequently fulfilled, they will automatically be skipped for all emails in this flow. If the order is not fulfilled during the course of the flow, they will move through the flow and receive the emails normally.

The problem with your current filter is that Shopify will only send us a Fulfilled Order event when the order is actually fulfilled. So using Fulfillment Status as unfulfilled wouldn’t work until we receive that fulfilled order event from Shopify.

Thanks and have a great day.

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thank you for all your insight Dov. Actually I would like to exclude only customers who have ordered but not had their order fulfilled yet.

So I would like to be able to include customers who:

  1. have not ordered yet or
  2. have already ordered and who had their order fulfilled
  3. Exclude the ones who waiting for fulfillment (some may wait up to 20 weeks).  

would that work?

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Hi @phil,

Thank you for your reply and the follow-up information.

I think the easiest solution in your case for goal numbers 1 and 2 is to simply trigger the flow off of a Fulfilled Order event. This will achieve both goals of including customers who have ordered and had their order fulfilled and exclude people who are waiting for fulfillment simultaneously. In terms of capturing people who have not ordered yet, I’d recommend either a campaign to a Recent Subscribers segment described here in our advanced segmentation documentation. Or create a separate list-triggered flow with a flow filter for “Placed Order zero times over all time”. If you backpopulate that flow you can retroactively place recipients in there. The reason you cannot simply add this flow filter to the Fulfilled Order triggered flow I suggested earlier is because doing so would prevent you from achieving goal number 2 - people who have already ordered and had their order fulfilled.


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Thank you Dov! Very helpful! 

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We are not seeing the option to put unfulfilled, it is only giving us fulfilled. Is there a way around this?


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Hi @dreadfullhippie,

It sounds like you’re looking to target users who have ordered but not had their orders fulfilled? If so, is there a reason the original solution (using a flow filter to exclude these users for a flow triggered off of Placed Order) would not resolve for you? If you’re using Fulfilled order as the trigger, you have nothing to worry about because, by definition, users who haven’t yet had their orders fulfilled would not enter that flow.

I hope that’s helpful.