How to filter flow by who has or has not used a dynamic coupon code since starting the flow.

  • 28 October 2022
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I have created a Welcome flow with a dynamic coupon. I would like to send a follow up email in a few days if they haven’t used their unique code. Is there a way that I can set this up? If not do you have any suggestions for work arounds?


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Hi @Jefw,

Thanks for sharing this question with our community.

While we cannot currently filter by a particular dynamic coupon code in a flow, we recommend using a conditional split or an additional filter for your coupon code reminder/follow-up message. This filter should read what somebody has done > placed order > 0 times since starting this flow. If you’re using a conditional split, the follow-up email should be located down the “yes” path of the split, while the “no” path should contain no other emails (that will exit the user out of the flow). We also have a guide here on this topic. 

I hope that’s helpful.