How to get past buyers into a post-purchase flow WITHOUT back-populating?

  • 27 August 2022
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Hi there,

I have just generated a great post-purchase flow that sends out emails for 6 months after a purchase. now, all new customers will enter this flow (triggered by a PLACED ORDER event) all right.

But what if I wanted to get all of my previous buyers (who bought something a while ago, when the flow wasn’t around yet) into this new flow?

Of course, back-populating can NOT be the answer, because it would not put the customers into the beginning of the flow, but somewhere in the middle (or the end), according to the exact time of their purchase (which might have been 3 or 6 or 9 months ago, for example). 


A rather unsatisfying workaround that I came up with myself is this:

  • Tag all the “past” buyers in Shopify I want to include
  • Duplicate my post-purchase flow in klaviyo and make it “TAG-triggered” to suck up all the ancient buyers

… not too bad, but I actually wanted to work with ONE single flow, not 2 separate ones…

Can anyone help, please? >Thx.


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Based on the post purchase flow trigger, I don’t believe it will be possible.  Before I read your solution, that’s what I was thinking of recommending as well. 


It’ll only be a one time thing and won’t take too much work, so having the 2 flows temporarily shouldn’t be too bad. On the plus side, you can compare how the flow performs with past purchasers vs new purchasers.