how to limit our campaign to be sent to specific number of the users.

  • 19 April 2024
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how to limit our campaign to be sent to specific number of the users?
I want to run an email campaign to announce our new chocolate bar product. Emails are being sent to a list of our past paying customers. I want to do 3 emails and trickle them out around 100/day (I can only handle small sales volume) each with a same coupon code to apply for a discount. a)Benefits of psilocybin/magic mushroom chocolate email b)How to use/take product for best results email c) Success story email Enigma | 3000 MG Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar ENIGMA Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3000mg I have a Klaviyo account already, you just need to setup the campaigns and set to 100/day


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Hi @Uday 

Thanks for sharing your question with us.

You could use the ‘gradual send’ feature to send to a small % of your database every hour. details here


If that solution doesn’t suit your requirements, you could take a sample of your list for every send/day (ensuring you don’t send to people who have already received the email).  Info on list sampling here

This might be a bit time consuming based on the size of your list, but if this is something that you will encounter regularly, building the ‘100’ segments might be beneficial in the long run. 

Hope this helps






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So, you're looking to send out three emails announcing your new product, with a gentle trickle of around 100 emails per day. Here's how you can set up your Klaviyo account to make it happen:

Campaign Setup: Start by creating three separate email campaigns in Klaviyo – one for each email in your sequence. Label them clearly so you can keep track of which is which.

Segmentation: Next, you'll want to segment your past paying customers list into smaller chunks of around 100 users each. This ensures that your emails are being sent out in manageable batches, just like breaking off bite-sized pieces of your favorite chocolate bar.

Schedule Delivery: Once your campaigns are set up and your segments are ready to roll, it's time to schedule the delivery. Choose a start date and time that works for you, and set your campaigns to send out to each segment at a rate of around 100 emails per day. It's like setting the timer on your oven to bake the perfect batch of cookies – slow and steady wins the race!

Content Creation: Now, onto the fun part – crafting your email content! For each email in your sequence, focus on highlighting a different aspect of your new chocolate bar product. Whether it's the benefits of psilocybin, tips for using the product, or a success story from a satisfied customer, make sure your emails are as irresistible as your chocolate bars themselves.

Coupon Code: Don't forget to include that tempting coupon code for a discount on your chocolate bars. It's like sprinkling a little extra cocoa powder on top – the cherry on top of your email campaign sundae.

And there you have it – a step-by-step guide to setting up your email campaign in Klaviyo and sending it out in deliciously manageable batches. Companies like Email Uplers specialize in this conversion process will help you craft the perfect email offer that'll have customers clicking 'buy' faster than you can say "chocolate craving."