How to make a form for users who haven't left their email at checkout?

  • 2 November 2022
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Hi community! 

I would like to make a signup form for people who put something in their cart or who have seen multiple product pages on our website.

This is for people who don't leave their email in the checkout. 

For the next step, they will come into an abandoned cart or browse abandonment flow with the products they added earlier. 

Could you help me out? 

Kind regards



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 2 November 2022, 15:36

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Hi there @SemMob


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help! 


While this it’s a great idea to target specific users to take actions they haven’t yet, Klaviyo only tracks the browsing activity of "known browsers" — i.e. browsers that have visited, engaged, and been identified (or "cookied"), at least once before.  Klaviyo will not track anonymous browsers. There are three key ways Klaviyo will be able to identify a site visitor for onsite tracking purposes:

  • If someone has, at some point, clicked through a Klaviyo email to your website
  • If someone has, at some point, subscribed/opted-in through a Klaviyo form
  • If someone has, at some point, logged into your site and you have identify tracking installed


So if a customer hasn’t opted in or been cookied through leaving their email or logging into your site, there isn’t a way to track these users yet. However, while you can’t log what these uncookied users have/haven’t done in your account and target them, you can target general unknown browsers who appear on your site through this specific targeting behavior  to > Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles. I’d encourage you to create engaging offers and discounts through these forms to encourage unknown browser to give their emails and join your lists so you can then target them more accurately in your account!



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