How to Recover Deleted Flow

  • 1 September 2021
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I had someone auditing my Klaviyo flows to help me and they deleted my entire Welcome Series. I am so distraught because my content developer wrote beautiful emails and they are all gone. Can someone help me restore the flow? I can see in the flow history when he deleted them. Thank you so much! 


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5 replies

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Hi @pocatkjm ,


Sorry to hear about your situation! For those people who look to recover a deleted flow, the process would be to contact support! Keep in mind that Email support is available between 6 am–10 pm ET on weekdays and 10 am–4 pm ET on weekends. 


Hope things get resolved!


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@pocatkjm Hi Jamie, I am curious to know if Klaviyo support was able to restore you Welcome flows. I have a cyber security consultant asking me if this is possible and I am only find your comment regarding this issue. Can you please drop me a quick response to how this was resolved for you.




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Hi @Paul from Concise Digital yes they were able to do it I had to reach out to Customer Service. There were some pieces that I needed to reconfigure but yes they were able to bring my content back. It was a lifesaver. I couldn’t do it on my own though, you have to reach out to support. Hope this helps!

I created a newsletter and not sure whether I saved it or not, but now I can’t find it.  Is there somewhere I should look?

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Hi @KemO,

Great question. Did you happen to check through your Campaigns + Templates tab? Or were you trying to create a Newsletter list? If it is the latter then I would search your lists + segments tab in your account. Let me know if that worked. If not, you could also try searching for the name of the newsletter design you had saved.


Have a good day!