How to recover people who exited a flow too soon?

  • 15 February 2023
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So I have an active flow with a conditional split in between each email. All the conditional splits are “placed 0 orders at all time.” so we wanted to kick anyone out who has placed any order at any time. however, once the flow was active, I noticed one of the conditional splits was wrong and it kicked out everyone who “placed 0 orders at all time,” which is a majority of the people in the flow. I fixed the error, so new participants added to the flow at a later time went through it properly. 

My question is, is there anyway to recover the people who were kicked out of the flow before I fixed it and put them back in the flow where they should be?



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2 replies

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Hi @shanks8686


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us, happy to help! 


Do you mind sharing the trigger and goal of your flow? Additionally, how many messages were in the flow and were there any messages the users received before leaving the flow? This information will help discover what segment conditions we might need to create to dynamically group all these users who left your flow too early.


Thanks for participating in the Community! Look forward to figuring this out together!


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@shanks8686 As a total aside comment, if you want to remove anyone that’s “Placed Order” while they are in the Flow - this is an excellent scenario to use a Flow Filter rule (Placed Order Zero Times All Time) instead of adding a conditional branch in front of each message along the way.   That way, at any time (while they are in the Flow) they make a “Placed Order” event they will exit the Flow and not receive any subsequent messages.

You can read more about it here:

As for putting folks back into a Flow they exited, my experience is to build a Segment with a rule definition that fits your situation, and then clone your Flow specifically for that Segment so they can run through the Flow they have already exited.  You can’t “rerun” a person through a Flow so your best bet is to recreate the Flow with a Segment Triggered condition.  

Another approach is to simply build a series of Campaigns to send that Segment of the missing emails they should have received.  Either way, it’s a manual “work around” for people who need to get emails that they should have received retroactively.

Hope this helps!