How to remove a person from a flow?

  • 21 February 2022
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I have the following use case:

After buying my digital product, users receive a flow with 10+ E-mails delivering the product. Sometimes, I need to remove somebody from the flow (example: after 2-3 weeks of receiving the messages, somebody wants to take the money-back guarantee. So he is already in the flow, but now i want to remove him). 


How can i remove that person now from the ongoing flow (not just single emails, because that’s a lot of work...)? 


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Are those refunds tracked via a metric at all? If so, a flow filter added to the flow for when the metric happens could pull them out. Like ‘Order Refunded’ happened Zero Times Since Starting This Flow.

Or a manual way would be to create a new Custom Property on a profile called ‘FLOW NAME - Remove’ and then the value could be TRUE. Then set that as a flow filter for the flow using ‘Properties About Someone’ so that once someone has the field filled in as TRUE for their profile (that part would be manual) it’ll then show them skipping the remaining messages.

Technically it’d look like ‘Properties About Someone’ FLOW NAME - Remove doesn’t contain TRUE in the flow.

Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions!