How to restrict 'flow' emails to a specific source

  • 20 November 2021
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Hi all,

We run a Shopify store & there are 3 ways for people to subscribe to our newsletter:
1. Pop up on the website (comes up 30 secs after page load)
2. Form in the footer
3. Checkout page (has a “also subscribe to the newsletter” opt-in/out)

Now, we’ve set up a flow where as soon as someone enters the newsletter, they get a “thank you & here’s a discount coupon” email. I don’t want people in bucket #3 as mentioned above to get this, this would be annoying for them to receive AFTER they’ve already placed their first order.

But I want them to receive the other future emails as part of the flow. Any guidance on how to set this up? (screenshots would be v helpful!)



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The best way to achieve this would be to placed a conditional split before that message and put - 

That way you have only those who’ve never completed a purchase flow into the next message. The other option would to check the fields of your group opting in through checkout. Usually you can add in a conditional split for properties about someone, like so - 

So for this filter, it’d be saying only those with a Klaviyo Form submission can continue down (since usually checkout opt-in can appear differently in their profile.) Or you can even change that to check $consent_form_id to be either of those first two forms you mentioned for the pop-up or footer. 

Then after the users trickles onto the NO side, you can drag that line to connect back to the normal emails to follow in that sequence.

Hope that helps!

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Yes - You can do that with Flow Filters.

I do this with several of my clients in order to keep one master list, while having multiple sources of subscriber entry. You just have to make sure that you label your $source in your popups, etc. If you’re using Klaviyo for popups then it’s easy as that automatically pulls data to Klaviyo’s $source field. If you’re using a 3rd party like JustUno, then you just have to create the $source field and tell JustUno to send that data over to Klaviyo. 


Here’s an example of 2 separate flows that trigger when people subscribe to the same list. However, depending on which $source they came from they will go into the respective flows. Or skip the slows depending on your goal. 


In the last screenshot, you’ll see where I used Klaviyo’s embed form to label the $source field as “shopify footer”