How to send a "Ask for a review" email? (post-purchase flow)

  • 25 October 2022
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Hello. With my post-purchase flow, I’d like to send a “Ask for a review” email.

But I want to make sure my subscribers get this email AFTER they receive their package.

How can I do it? My shipping delays vary between 10 days to 30 days. 

So I can’t just send the email 11 days after their order has been fullfiled.

No clue how to do it in an efficient way then.

How can i do it right, please?



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2 replies

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Hi @CharlesPointFr ,

Welcome to the Community.

This would depend on whether or not a shipping date is stored as a custom property. 

As with our standard integration we do not track when an item has been delivered, you would not be able to for example create a Flow triggered when an item has been delivered, unless you make use of one of our integrations, which you can access here -

An example option would be to make use of the Shopify fulfilled order event. Therefore, if you are notified from your end when an order is marked as delivered , you will then mark the order as 'Fulfilled' within Shopify which will sync over to Klaviyo and you could have this trigger your Post purchase Flow.

That would be the option or creating something similar.


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Hey @CharlesPointFr,

Thank you for your question. I would trigger a review request based upon the Shopify fulfilled event trigger mentioned in this post. But if you use a Shopify/Klaviyo partner like Okendo. We can help with your review flow sequences. Even sprinkle in different strategies like email then SMS request if not fulfilled. Okendo also has a lot of ways to collect additional data points (customer or product) within the review process!