How to send a second welcome email to those who haven't opened my previous one?

  • 18 April 2022
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I was reading some advice on re-sending a welcome flow message to those who haven’t opened your first one. (Since welcome flow usually get the best open rate and results)

Can someone show me how to set it in my flow, so that I can send to those who haven’t opened my first welcome message?




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Hi there @Rara,

Thanks for sharing.

You can do this by setting up a triggered split in your Flow similar to this : 


The only thing that you would have to add is a time delay for the Split. So if you wanted to wait 24 hours - you would apply a one day time delay after the first email. 
After that day wait, they would come into the Split where it checks if the user opened the email. If Yes, they will go down the YES path, if no - you can add the email in the NO path again. 


Do you know the profile you need to resend to? If so, it'll be easier to just follow the instructions for "Resending from a profile" (document here). 
If you want to send from the flow analytics, you'd click "View all analytics". Then go to the Recipient tab and find the person you're looking for.


Hope this helped,



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Thank you so much Alex!

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Not a problem @Rara glad I could help!