How to send sizes of specific products in Klaviyo after customer views the product

  • 24 July 2023
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Here is what I am trying to accomplish- 

I have a shopify store and I want to share sizes of my product with customers once they check the product page. 


I am thinking of having a pop-up which gives them the option to recieve the email or SMS with the sizes.


So how can I automate this into a flow? Will I get the title of the product page on which the customer fills the form in Klaviyo as a metric that I can use. Once I get the title, I am thinking it’s possible to use the conditional logic and share the size.


I also have metafields of all the products and sizes in the Shopify store, is there any way to extract those into Kalviyo?


Or if someone can suggest a better way to do this!


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Hi @rohan12334 ,

Welcome to the Community!

This is a great question about the Shopify data available in Klaviyo. 

First I’d just like to point out that Size data will likely not be available from Shopify with the Viewed Product metrics alone. This is because website users can browse a product page on your Shopify site without selecting a size. Instead, you would be able to utilize the size data once an item has been Added to Cart

That clarification aside, it is possible to include product size variant details in your dynamic product blocks in Abandoned Cart flows, Post-Purchase flows, and any other message that considers cart or checkout data from Shopify. 

Depending on your Shopify configuration, this data may be denoted as a Variant Name or Variant Option (see Shopify data reference Help Center article for details). Here are some common variables I have seen in Klaviyo:

{{ event.extra.line_items.0.presentment_variant_title|default:'' }}
{{ event.extra.line_items.0.product.variant.options.Size|default:'' }}
{{ event.extra.line_items.0.variant_title|default:'' }}

The best way to check how your Shopify store sends data to Klaviyo would be to open your Abandoned Cart block (if this is the flow you wish to add Size data too) and open the Preview & Test option from the individual email design screen:

Here, you can preview the Shopify variables available to be used in the flow:

Hovering over and clicking on these line items will allow you to copy and paste the variable code for the Size attribute into your dynamic block. 

You can read further about How to build dynamic blocks in a flow email if you need further guidance on how to add these variables to your message. 


Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski


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Thanks for you reply @Ashley I. 

The client I am working for actually wants that people recieve the size just when they view the product. He wants to add a popup form when someone visits a product page that asks customers to fill their email to recieve the sizes of their desired model. 


Is it possible that the emails collected from this form are added to a abandoned browse flow that sends out the size to people? 



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@rohan12334 If individual product sizes have unique URLs, then I supposed you could capture this URL data upon form submission. (For example: “Tshirt XYZ” has 3 separate products pages for Small Tshirt, Medium Tshirt, and Large Tshirt)

But if this is a brand that displays all size options for a single product on the same product page, I am not sure that information is capture by Shopify upon viewing a product, and thus would not be available to be sent to Klaviyo in order to trigger a flow with size data.