How to separate customers in flows from custom button

  • 16 July 2021
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I have followed the instructions for gathering subscriber preferences Use Your Emails to Gather Subscriber Preferences ( using custom buttons How to Use Links to Collect Information About Your Recipients – Klaviyo - Help Center

This all works, but I am confused as to what I now need to put in my flow to separate customers. I have three setting (Full contact, less contact, promotion only) and I have named each variable, but I am confused as to how I then use this information. What do I need to put in my split to change how they then hear from me? Each of these help pages contain absolutely nothing on what to do once you have used the buttons to collect the information. 

Thanks in advance.


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Hello @JoshuaAAC,

Thank you for sharing this with us! This is a great question.

Typically customers will use flow filters or conditional splits to filter users based on their subscription preferences. For example, if you are running a flow specific to a promotion, you will want to set up a flow filter to only include folks who opted-in to promotions using the “properties about someone condition”.

When you set these filters, in some cases, you’ll also want to include an OR condition to also include folks who have not yet set a preference. Let’s take the example of sending a flow to people who opted-in to less contact only: “Properties about someone > property X > less contact only” OR “ Properties about someone > property X > is not set”. This tells the flow to only include people who either have the property for less contact or do not have a preference set for that property al all. In other words, the “rest” of the folks who never updated their preferences in addition to those who have said “less contact only”. 

For a property like “less contact”, you may want to include filters to include these people on “primary” flows only i.e. welcome series, abandoned cart, browse abandonment. There are not any “hard rules” on when to use subscriber preferences in flows. Much of the use-cases for flows will depend on the types of preferences gathered and adjusting the filters/conditional splits from there.

I hope that was helpful!