How to separate landing page and pop up form flow emails (both have different type of discount)

  • 30 April 2024
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I hope my question will help to many Klaviyo users who encounter similar case :) 


Regarding to landing page and pop up page in Klaviyo, I have both of them in different type of discount, pop up is 15% off and landing page $10 off. Since both are different, I created 2 flows of welcome series (newsletter). I am afraid that either subscribers will get into the wrong flow emails. How do you keep them separate?


I will really appreciate for your help.


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Best answer by Bobi N. 30 April 2024, 07:36

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First you can connect the 2 different opt in methods to 2 different lists, that would probably be the simplest way.

Other way is to separate them with the custom property source. Depending on how they subscribed to your account they will have different source property. One should be the pop up form name and the other one not sure how people subscribe to your landing page but anyway it won’t be the pop up form source. 

So in your current setup with 2 different flows triggered by same list you can add flow filter property source equals “sign up form” (this will be called different depending on how you named the source for your sign up form) and then on the other flow for landing page say property source doesn’t equal that same property about the form.


Hi Bobi,


Thanks for answering my message. The pop up is 15% off and the landing page is $10 off. I created two completely separate flows for each of them. I am using landing page for instagram. The pop up will be anyone who gets into my website to see that.