How to set up 3rd and 4th Customer Thank you

  • 28 October 2021
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I’m a new user so please excuse me if this is a simple question!

I’ve set up a 1st and 2nd Thank you for your purchase flow using the Klaviyo template - but would like to add customers who have purchased 3 and 4 times. I have set this up as a separate new flow but wondering if it could all be done on the 1st and 2nd flow. The trouble is I’m unsure how to do it. 


Here’s a screen shot of the 1st and 2nd flow…

And here’s a screenshot of the 3rd and 4th flow…

How would I combine those two 3rd and 4th to 1st and 2nd?

I think I’ve got the hang of simple flows but when it comes to adding anything more than what’s been given to me, I’m a bit unsure!


Thanks for your help,



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Hi @Jin, thanks for asking the Community today. 

You can totally combine them into one single flow, and I definitely recommend doing that as your current 3-4 order flow would actually send people who ordered once or twice down the NO branch as well.  

To combine them, add additional splits to your 1-2 order flow in the NO path with conditions such as “Placed Order is equal to 2 over all time” “… 3 over all time” “… 4 over all time.” I’ve included an example below, you can click on the image to enlarge it.

This option is good if you want to create completely unique emails depending on the number of emails, but another approach could be to have a first purchase thank you, and a multi-purchase thank you. In that case the conditional split in the first NO path could say “Placed Order is at least 2 over all time AND at most 4,” if you wanted to cap it so they don’t receive another thank you after their fourth purchase.

That split would look like this:

I hope this helps!


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Thanks Julia, that’s great, I think I have sorted it. I took your advice and added the bit so the customer wouldn’t get more than 4 thank yous. I think 4 is quite a lot but let’s see how it performs! 


thanks again for helping, really kind of you to talk me through this. 


Best wishes, 


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Happy to help @Jin!

If you see that people are opening your later thank you’s less, or if they have an increased unsubscribe rate, those are good signals to remove those emails from the flow. When you have results, we’d love to hear how it goes!

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Ok I will do. I’ve gone for plain text emails on all these thank you’s - as I’m hoping to develop more of a connection with my subscribers than trying to promote more products to them. So they won’t get the click throughs but hopefully they could lead to more loyalty and less unsubscribes. Thanks again @Julia.LiMarzi for your help.