how to set up a welcome series flow with all subscribers from different signup forms?

  • 3 November 2021
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Questions -

1))) How to send all the subscribers below the same welcome flow?  

  • All sign up forms (existing and new ones that we will create) 
  • Existing subscribers who joined the list through other email marketing service before we joined Klaviyo. 

2))) How to prevent the same subscribers receiving too many emails in a week? i.e. once the subscriber make the purchase, he will be receive buyer flows.  Can we delay the welcome flow to next week? 

Details - 

  • A freelancer set up a welcome flow for new subscribers who sign up 10% discount form. 
  • When we said we need old subscribers (from Active Campagin) and the subscribers of all other Klaviyo forms receive the same flow. She creates a separate flow for them. 
  • The challenge is - we plan to have 15+ welcome emails.  We don’t want to create the email twice for these 2 separate flows.  
  • Please take a look of the screenshots 




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Hey @3000month2021 

It looks like you have a lot going on with your signup forms and Welcome Series flow, I’m so glad you came to the Klaviyo Community for help! That is what we are here for!

The Welcome Series flow  is intended to be sent immediately after completing your signup form and confirmation step if set up for double opt-in. This is a critical moment in the customer’s journey because it's your opportunity to introduce new, interested prospects to your business and product offering. With a welcome series, you should capitalize on this display of interest immediately. Welcome Series flows are usually triggered by a List. It is considered a best practice to have one main list of profiles and then segment off of that list. You can point all of your different signup forms to the same main list, then use the main list as a trigger for your Welcome Series flow so all of your subscribers are getting the same branding message and simplifying the process for you! You can change the list your signup forms are pointing to by opening each signup form in the builder > Click on the submit button (subscribe) > Change List to Submit  that will direct all of your signups to the same list.

If you want to make sure everyone who has consented to your marketing by signup form in the same list goes through the Welcome Series flow, you can back-populate the flow and any email address that has not already gone through the flow will. You can add as many welcome emails to the flow as you need. 

We definitely don't want to bombard our customers with our marketing, so it is a perfect question to ask about not sending to many emails at one time for your customers! Enabling Smart Sending allows you to limit the number of emails or text messages someone can receive from you in a given period of time. This is a good way to prevent your subscribers from receiving too many messages at once if you have many active flows and campaigns. The doc I added will walk you through how to enable this on your flows and campaigns.

One question I had about your buyers flow, are these transactional emails or cross-cell/review flows? Of course if they are order confirmation or shipping confirmation emails they must be sent immediately. If your buyers flow is to cross-sell or market other aspects of your business you can set this flow with the same Smart Sending in your Welcome Series flow so you aren’t over sending to your customers. 

Also check out this Klaviyo Academy video on getting started with flows! It will be incredibly informative!

I hope this helps get your on the right path. Please come back to the Klaviyo Community when you want to collaborate again!


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However, only half of our question was answered 


  1. We can surely direct all subscribers of all sign up form to the same LIST and create segment.  However, how to create segment based on which form the subscriber sign up through?
  1. One of the button we got has no “List to submit”. Because the next step is to visit google form.  how to add that field “list to submit” back? 


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Hey there @3000month2021,


Hope to help you answer your questions here! 

  1. If you wanted to create a segment based on a signup form a customer filled out, you could filter by $source. What you can do is create a segment of all profiles with the source value that is being added by the form when you submit it. This can be added using the hidden fields area of the signup form property in the builder. 

    “Hidden fields are additional properties that will be added to a subscriber's profile in Klaviyo. This allows you to track viewers who interact with your form. By default, all new signups must have a $source property — this is what identifies how they were added to your account. You can analyze how people come into your account in the List Growth Report. When this property is added to a profile, you will be able to have the ability to segment based on this property. Example photo below: 


You can do this for all your forms. You can also add additional properties to the form to be added and segment off of those as well.


  1. It looks like list to submit can only be used in the first step of a multi-step form. At the moment it looks like you have 3 steps (one being called “blank step”) on your form so you are not seeing that option. That being said, you have a couple of options, either change the list to submit in the first step of the multi-step form and then use the google re-direct in the 2nd step of the multi-step form or just put two buttons in the first step of the form instead of using the multistep. One button with a list to submit and the other button with the google re-direct. To note, going to a google form is a separate action entirely it’s a “Go to URL action” not a “Submit Form” action. 

Hope this helped!