How to setup multilingual products feeds with same product ID

  • 20 October 2022
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I have trouble setting up my product feeds for a multilingual store.

All my products have the same product ID, so when I import English products and then Dutch products there is only one version and the other one gets overwritten. 

I’m setting up my English abandoned cart flow but there are no English products. So now it shows Dutch products to my english customers, not good :(


Anybody got a solution to setup multilingual custom product feeds with products that have the same ID?






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Hi @DNH and welcome to the Community!


The Product ID is the reference by which Klaviyo recognizes a product’s name and information when you are building a flow or product feed. Therefore, it’s not possible to have different products appear in different flows or feeds if the same ID is being referenced. 


However, there are other ways to avoid confusion when you’re building a multilingual store. Many people have found it easiest to create to separate Klaviyo accounts for each language site. Since your Klaviyo credentials are designed to support multi-account access, you can use one set of login credentials to access multiple accounts as explained in the About Multi-Account User Privileges Help Center article.


From there, you can use signup forms to collect language preferences and divide your customers by preference. Here’s a great thread moderated by my colleague that outlines some best practices for collecting language preferences and using multiple accounts:


And here are a few more threads regarding similar topics:



I hope this helps and thank you for using the Community!


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Hi there:


I’m facing the same trouble, but I don’t think that handling different klaviyo accounts per language is a solution. I work perfectly with multilanguage splitting my clients in segments, as far as my Prestashop Klaviyo integration is passing the language used by the user.


The only issue is the product catalog.  I guess the solution is to ask the integration developer to ad a language sufix to the product ID, so for each language, the ID is different.


That should work. I have asked my developer to find a solution, but still waiting.


Were you able to solve this at your side?


Kind regards.