How to share all past campaigns?

  • 12 September 2023
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Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out a way to list all past campaigns for people to view.

10% of my emails are sales focused; the rest are more blog-like in content. People often like to  reference past emails for personal use or marketing lectures. With past email hosts, I’ve been able to create a webpage that auto-filled with all campaigns that I flagged for cross-posting.

Can anyone think of a way I could create the same with Klaviyo? My end goal is a page on my website that shows, say, 30 of my most recent emails. If I needed to use a 3rd party tool, eg, zapier, I’d be open to exploring it.

Huge thanks in advance!


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Hi @sunams, welcome to the community!


This is an interesting question, and it comes up pretty commonly here. Since 90% of the emails you send are described as “ blog-like in content” I’d encourage you to instead prioritize the publishing of these emails as blog articles. 


You could do that before sending the email, and send an excerpt in the email that links back to your website where people can finish reading the blog. This would be my recommendation, and it’s commonly part of what my agency does for our clients.


The benefits of posting this content on your blog are two-fold: you increase the time each user spends on your site, and then there’s also evergreen content on your site that has the capacity to help build organic traffic to your site, depending on what keywords you include in each email/ blog article.


Using this strategy helps you maximize ROI from each email and blog article the content is turned into. Especially if your “People often like to  reference past emails for personal use or marketing lectures.” It’s easier to reference a blog article, and that then also becomes an asset people on your list can share links to for their own audience to later refer back to. This supports traffic being sent back to your site, all from email, again and again.


However, if you feel strongly about preserving a public archive of email campaigns instead of the strategy I recommended above, you might find these similar community questions have the answer you’re looking for. Short version, it’s not a native feature of Klaviyo.  






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A couple of other ESP's have this by default indeed, an archive of the webview version. Product improvement suggestion?


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@ebusiness pros 100% agree! I understand if this was the way you did it before and you’d like to replicate but how awesome would that be for your website traffic and SEO to start on your website first and then send as an email. This way it wouldn’t be people just referencing what you sent but also drawing in new people. This is what we recommend to all of our clients.