How to start a Flow when I add a Tag in a Shopify Order

  • 26 September 2023
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Hello !

I would like to be able to start an email Flow sent to my customer orders, as soon as I add the tag “PRODUCTION” to an order.


So, the behavior here is supposed to be.


1- I receive a new order on Shopify

2- Few days after, I manually add the “PRODUCTION” tag on this order (when the factory starts the Production of the items)

3- I want this tag to trigger instantly a Flow, sending a email to the Customer of this order to let them know the order is in Production (at the factory..)


It looks like I cannot trigger a flow with a tag :(


Any idea ?


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@QuentinJ  Correct, you cannot because the order data flows into Klaviyo before the tag is added. Even if it’s added at the time of an order through an app, in my experience it still doesn’t show in Klaviyo because it technically happens after the order is placed. 


Essentially, you would need to send a custom event to Klaviyo for this to trigger a brand new flow. I’ve never created a custom event for an order update, so I don’t have an exact way to do it - but my best guess would be through Shopify Flow or Zapier. 

This article talks about what you can do with the Shopify Flow & Klaviyo Connector - You would need:

  • adding an order tag to be a trigger in Shopify Flow
  • an action to create a custom event in Klaviyo. 


The other option is Zapier. Adding an order tag isn’t a Shopify zap trigger, but if you get the order data on a spreadsheet you can use an update to the sheet to trigger a zap where you send the custom event to Klaviyo


Hope that helps!