How to track performance of Unique Coupon Codes

  • 17 April 2024
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I have set up a Unique Coupon code for my Customer Winback Flow but I can't seem to find a way to report on how many times the general discount code has been redeemed, how much revenue it has generated etc.


I’ve tried to look at reports via Klaviyo and Shopify, but can't find any reports that I can filter by the  Unique Discount Names.


I’ve seen that there's a way to search the discount name in Shopify Discounts, but it doesn't provide a comprehensive report and allow to filter by a specific time period.

3 replies

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Hi, and thanks for sharing this question in the community.


@cassy.lee has a great Community post on this topic, here’s the link.

If it’s a Klaviyo generated code, this article should be able to help 





Hi, that article doesn't really help me. 

I know how to find the codes in Shopify and see how many were generated at used, however I am after more in depth sales data for the discount.

Also, the second article you’ve shared only exports each code that has been generated, but doesn't provide any sales data for the codes once they’ve been used.

I am trying to report on the sales results of these codes.

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Hi @JamieM


I’ve responded to your question in a similar thread below!