How to trigger a flow on add and then again on update?

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Hi there.

I’m a developer and manage a Shopify store where customers can register there email address and product code to be added to a flow which will send them the product care guide via email for that article of clothing.

This is for customers who purchase in a bricks and motar store outside of Shopify.
My products have a QR code on the tag so users know where to go.

I’ve setup a custom property that can accept one or more product codes when a user submits the form which will work with the from subscribe trigger and conditional logic to detect which product codes they’ve submitted.


The issue I have is when a user returns down the track if they’ve purchased a subsequent product then the flow isn’t triggered. 

After reading the forums I have seen a feature request for an ‘updated’ flow trigger to allow subsequent fires of a flow which would solve my problem.
I’m also aware that when a custom property is updated the original value is overwritten.

I looked into a custom metric and trigger to pass one called “Updated product codes” at the same time I submit the user to the list, however that doesn’t seem to register. Theory being that I could setup a flow off that custom metric which would then allow me to detect new subscribers to the list and then updates as well.


var _learnq = _learnq || [];

_learnq.push(["track", "Updated product codes",{

"GarmentCount": 2,



Is this achievable in Klaviyo? Am I on the right track?

I’d love to here in other suggestions or approaches if anyone has any ideas.


I have 50 products and was planning to setup the flow with 50 x conditional logic statements one for each product.



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Hi @laurtondigital


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


You did some excellent homework here and are on the right track! This is definitely doable, however as you suspected, you are going to need a custom setup ie. flow trigger to create this as our in-house list-triggered flows can only be traveled through one for a profile.


While neither our Support team or Community can help troubleshoot custom solutions, we have an extensive array of Klaviyo partners who would love to help build this out for you! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi @Taylor Tarpley ,


Thanks for your reply, that’s good to know we’re on the right track.


Does Klaviyo supply any documentation or resources on how we might go about doing this? Or is it your API documentation we should be following?


I’m happy to have a go at this myself as it should be relatively straight forward, so any resources you can point me towards would be very useful.

Thank you!

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Hi @laurtondigital


Yes I’d take a look at our documentation on custom event tracking to learn how to create the custom metric then use it to trigger flows. 


Hope it helps!