I can not add web feed to klaviyo Template

  • 16 December 2021
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My feed is XML and when I add it to Klaviyo repeat using of feed i add to klaviyo.entry|slice:’3’ 

But it doesn’t works. Please help ! 

      title: "Shopname - Article",
      updated: "2021-12-14T06:00:02-08:00",
      author: {
         name: ""
      entry: [
            id: "
            published: "2021-12-14T06:00:02-08:00",
            updated: "2021-12-14T06:00:02-08:00",
            link: {
               "@rel": "alternate",
               "@type": "text/html",
               "@href": " title"
            title: "our title",
            author: {



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Hello @Teresa Han,

Welcome to the Community!

Looks like you may have formatted the slice filter incorrectly. Instead of using klaviyo.entry|slice:’3’, I would suggest using klaviyo.entry|slice’:3’ as mentioned in our Guide to Adding a Custom Web Feed in an Email Help Center article. 

One more thing to check would be ensuring that you are setting up your Repeat Block/Content Repeat Feature correctly to properly iterate through the appropriate variables based on your feed. If you are still having trouble, it may be helpful to also reach out to our Support Team who can take a closer look into your account and setup for further assistance.

I hope this helps!